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Airport Security Solutions

Experience the next level of airport security with our cutting-edge solutions, featuring advanced technologies and state-of-the-art machines. Our expert team and industry-leading partnerships ensure efficient and dependable security measures. Enjoy peace of mind as we implement tailored electromechanical and IT systems, setting a new global standard in airport safety. Choose customer-centric, intelligent security solutions to empower your airport for the future. Welcome to the forefront of enhanced airport security!
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Products and Solutions

Baggage X-ray & Checkpoint

Single and Double view X-Ray Scanners to inspect all type of packages, Suitcase, Mail and Pallets.

Cargo and Container Screening

Mobile and Fixed inspection systems for Vehicles, Containers, and Air Cargo.

Explosive and Narcotics Detection

Identify the presence and traces of explosive and narcotic substances in suitcase, vehicles or by individuals.

Metal detector and Millimeter Screening

Solutions to inspect the Human Body, Metal Detectors, X-Ray and Millimeters Wave Scanners.

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