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Cloud Strategy

Muscat Engineering offers cloud consulting services that can help you develop an actionable cloud migration plan and help to turn your visions into reality. Our expert resources will help plan data and/or application migration plans that will leverage the cloud resources to reduce your risk, reduce cost and maximize performance. Our certified professionals can help you navigate the complex pricing models, DevOps, complex security configurations and designing the hybrid cloud environments. We will help you to digitize and help you understand how cloud computing can help you to be a leader.
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Cloud Migration and Modernization

To guarantee a successful and smooth migration to cloud, Muscat Engineering will assess and create a roadmap that best accommodates your current and future business needs. We follow an iterative approach to migration that ensures minimum disruption to your operations. We will help you pick the appropriate combination of migration types in order to create a streamlined and agile system that increases productivity, reduces operational costs, and provides a competitive edge in your industry.

Muscat Engineering experts have vast experience taking legacy application modernization for cloud deployment along with architecting new applications for cloud. We can help you build applications that need fast, hyperscale, cloud-native databases to store terabytes and petabytes of data.


Muscat Engineering’s ecosystem of experienced DevOps professionals help you focus on tactical change management, product enablement and implementations. Make sure new products are successfully adopted!

Speed up your delivery and cut costs while ensuring the best application quality.

  • Infrastructure management
  • CI/CD automation
  • Cloud services
  • Performance optimization
  • Monitoring and alerting

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